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If you have a question about our products or services, the answer you’re searching for could be here.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery lead times are very dependent on what you have ordered. Standard fire set-ups, stone and accessories usually can be obtained within a week. However we also do a large amount of bespoke work and lead times can range from 3-6 weeks for delivery.

What's involved in a home visit?

Before you buy, we offer home visits to your property. This is the perfect opportunity for our experts to survey your existing fireplace and flue and to assess what new fireplace would best suit both your functional requirements and home decor. Our experts will run over the options with you, advising on the design, functionality and types of fireplaces on offer to help you make an informed decision. Examples of aspects we will assess include; what measurements we need to work with, what size liner can be installed into the flue, and do we have roof access to drop a liner or will we require a scaffold tower? Home visits can help avoid problems further down the line, ensuring you’re left with a fireplace that meets your requirements.

How long does it take to install a fireplace? (Gas Fires)

Gas fire installations can range in their installation time. A simple insert gas fire normally takes 2-3 hours to install whereas a hole in the wall gas fire, that may require us to build or alter the opening for it to sit in, could take up to a couple of days depending on the complexity of the work. Things like gas runs may also need to be taken into consideration which can add to installation time depending on the extent of the work.

How long does it take to install a fireplace? (Solid Fuel Fires)

Solid and Multi fuel work is also very dependent on the complexity of the work. If we’re lining the chimney for a solid fuel fire this could take 4-8 hours, whereas if we are doing an installation such as a stove or a cassette fire this could range from 1-2 days dependant on the extent of the work. Things to be taken into consideration include; are we just fitting the appliance or is the customer looking for the whole set-up, i.e. surround, front and back hearths, chimney lining, chamber cladding, etc.

How long does it take to install a fireplace? (Electric Fires)

Generally an electric fire can be installed very quickly, though timings will vary depending on the style of fireplace you select, and any customisations you require. Most electric fireplaces will work by being plugged into a normal household outlet. If any electrical customisation is required for your new electric fire, we are happy to carry out this service for our clients.

Can you mix and match fires and surrounds?

Absolutely. We provide a large range of bespoke work that is configured exactly to the customer’s taste, so mixing and matching is not a problem.

Do you charge for installation?

Installation costs are always subject to a survey which is used to assess what the extent of the work will be and what specialists and materials are needed on site. It’s important to note that we employ all of our own installers and do not sub-contract, guaranteeing you a professional service every time.

What type of chimney or flue do I need?

The type of chimney flue you need will be dependent on what kind of fire-set up you have. Installation is subject to a sweep, survey and smoke test of the flue by either ourselves or an accredited chimney sweep.

Which types of fires are best if I don't have a chimney or vent pipe?

Missing a chimney or vent pipe? You don’t need to worry, as traditional fireplaces are not the only option for you. Instead, a selection of electric fireplaces are available for our customers who lack these features. Electric fireplaces grant the user complete control over features such as heat, temperature and brightness. Also, these fireplaces produce zero soot or smoke, making this a much cleaner option. Enviro-Flame can provide three different styles of electric fireplaces, including; inset electric fires, basket electric fires, hole in the wall electric fires.

Do you provide warranties or guarantees on products or installation?

We provide comprehensive guarantees on all installations, however products are dependent on the manufacturer’s guarantee and these guarantees vary across the products ranges. For example, some gas fires require you to service your gas fire every year and replace the thermocouple to keep your warranty, and some of extended warranties only apply if you service the fireplace yearly.

What does your warranty cover and how long does it last?

Warranty will cover against installation issues and faults with the products in the warranty period only. The warranty cover time is dependent on the individual manufacturer.

Do you charge for delivery?

We don’t normally deliver, however if we are in the area we will happily deliver goods to the customer. Collection from our head office is free of charge and we will happily assist in loading any heavy items into your vehicle.

Do you repair fireplaces that weren't purchased from Enviro-flame?

Yes, we do repair fireplaces that are not purchased from ourselves, providing it has been purchased from a trusted manufacturer. Usually this would take place after we have carried out a service to determine the cause of the fault.

Does installation require a certified engineer?

Installing a fireplace is a potentially dangerous procedure if attempted by an amateur, and the process always requires certified engineers. Enviro-Flame has HETAs, Gas Safe, and National Accredited chimney sweep engineers.

Which areas do you cover/deliver to?

Based in Wimbledon, we offer our services to clients across London area, including parts of Surrey.

For directions to our showroom, visit the Find Us page.

Can I have a solid fuel stove where my gas fire used to be?

Yes! A Gas-Safe engineer, such as those employed at Enviro-Flame, can safely disconnect the gas and cap off the gas. Our professionals can then remove the fireplace and install a brand new Solid Fuel stove in its place.

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