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Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Guide

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What is a bio-ethanol fireplace?

Bio-ethanol fireplaces provide an eco-friendly, attractive and innovative alternative to traditional solid fuel or gas fireplaces. With bio-ethanol fueled fireplaces, you can enjoy the atmospheric flicker and glow of a real flame but without the undesirable residue, toxins and by-products of fossil fuels and solid fuels.

These days, with homes readily fitted with modern central heating systems, fireplaces are often desired for the charm and ambience they offer to a space, rather than their heat output. Whilst bio-ethanol fires do produce some heat, their value in a space has much more to do with their character and aesthetic appeal. Available in a wide variety of styles - including both fixed and portable units - these are simple to install, maintain and operate.

Bio-ethanol fireplaces are fueled by bio-ethanol - a form of alcohol produced from fermented plant life and organic matter. This is a highly renewable, eco-friendly source of fuel which also has a very clean burn, outputting nothing more than minimal carbon dioxide and vapour. As well as being a green form of energy, this also means that flues and chimneys aren’t necessary for this type of fire.

In terms of operation, there are two main kinds of bio-ethanol fireplace:

Manual bio-ethanol

With a manual bio-ethanol fire, the vapours from the bio-ethanol fuel are manually ignited, using either a long lighter or a fireplace match. To control the size of the flames, the burner lid can be incrementally opened, with a fully opened position creating the largest flames and fully closing the lid - and thus cutting off the supply of oxygen - extinguishing the flame completely. When the fuel burns out, you simply need to refill the fuel container when cool which, although it can be a little fiddly, is a straightforward process.

Manual fires tend to be smaller in size than automatics and, thanks to their independence from electricity and gas lines, can even be portable.




No electric or gas connection necessary


Often movable


Real flame


Quick and easy installation

Automatic bio-ethanol fires

Automatic bio-ethanol fireplaces work along much the same principles as their manual counterparts, with the exception of how they’re controlled. With automatic fires, there is an ignition coil which lights the fuel vapours; this can be remotely operated, igniting flames easily at the tap of a button. The fires will also offer a variety of settings for altering flame height and subsequent heat output. For ease of use and convenience, you can generally connect and operate your fireplace from smart devices.

Automatic bio-ethanol fireplaces tend to be higher-end and larger in size than manual types. They can even be connected to a building’s automation system for flawless functionality in commercial or domestic properties. Thanks to their larger size, automatics can also offer increased heat output which is comparable to traditional fuel fireplaces. At Enviro-Flame, we are specialist distributors of bio-ethanol fireplaces; these technologically advanced, attractive, automatic fires are sure to enhance any property.




Easily controlled by smart devices


Good heat output


Real flame


No need for a flue or chimney


Regardless of whether the fire you decide upon is a manual or automatic, there are many overarching advantages to bio-ethanol fireplaces. These include:

  • No need for a flue or chimney
  • Eco-friendly fuel
  • Clean burn which produces no residue or toxins
  • Automatic fires can be custom-made by us to suit your property
  • Real flames which create a lovely ambience
  • Easy installation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Many designs and styles possible

The fireplace experts at Enviro-Flame can provide reliable advice and help you choose the perfect fireplace for your home. Simply get in touch with our friendly team for further information or to discuss your requirements.

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We have a huge range of styles on offer, in addition to a wide selection of electric and solid fuel fireplaces. To discuss your options and requirements with one of our friendly advisors, simply contact our team today.

With more than 20 years of experience, our expert sales team can help you find the perfect fireplace to suit even the most demanding situations.
Highly recommended. Very efficient, great communication, and competitive pricing. We did not even visit the showroom as we knew what we wanted so everything was done by phone and email very easily and professionally. The installation was again conducted perfectly. Couple of things needed finishing (nothing that could stop us using the gas burner) and we were told that it would probably be done jut after Christmas. We got a pleasant surprise as they called us yesterday to come and finish it. Lovely George again did an excellent job of it! Thanks very much guys! Happy Christmas; we know we will in front of our lovely fire!
Olivier Lievre
Olivier Lievre
15:29 19 Dec 18
Highly recommend this company. Enviro-Flame installed the gas log burner in our new loft extension. They kindly fitted in with our builders' schedule, often at short notice. George & Dave were stars in terms of getting the job finished to a high standard. Many thanks. Mrs MacDonald (Clapham)
Alicja MacDonald
Alicja MacDonald
12:44 16 Apr 18
Would highly recommend them as they are very professional and provides excellent service.
Bose Katuri
Bose Katuri
12:11 21 Feb 18
Bryan from The London Chimney Sweeps came round to clean and get the boss' flu ready for winters in front of the fire. He was amazing! He worked swiftly, cleaned up after he had finished and took the time to answer the plethora of questions I had about maintaining, cleaning and general upkeep of the chimney's. As a private PA I deal with a lot of tradespeople and I can honestly say Bryan was one of the nicest I have had dealings with!
13:51 19 Oct 17
We were very happy with the young man who came to service our fire. Most helpful .
Melanie Hart
Melanie Hart
09:22 15 Oct 17

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