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The Benefits of Bespoke Fireplaces

If you’re looking to buy a fireplace, then you’re going to be faced with plenty of options to choose from, and it’s not an easy choice to make. What about a fireplace that is created just with your specifications in mind? In this article, the team at Enviro Flame are going to talk you through the benefits of a bespoke fireplace, and why you should consider one for your home. What is a bespoke fireplace? Bespoke fireplaces are fireplaces that are designed specifically for your property. This means that everything from the surround to the colour scheme is chosen to meet…

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bespoke flueless fires

Best Fireplaces for Homes with No Chimney

Fireplaces are a fantastic addition to any home, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that if you don’t have a chimney, you’re excluded from the plentiful benefits that a fireplace brings. However, that’s not the case – in this article, Enviro-Flame are going to look at the best fireplaces for homes without a chimney. Electric fires Electric fires are one of the most common types of fireplace, and with good reason. Their sleek appearance means they look good in most styles of property, and they provide a wonderful warmth and ambience when switched on. Installation of electric fireplaces is simple –…

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Wood burning stove

Improving Your Carbon Footprint in London with an Eco-Friendly Fireplace

The importance of living sustainably is becoming a part of the lives of many people, with many of us looking at ways we can reduce our impact on the environment and live in a way that is better for the planet and for us. Recycling, cutting out meat, taking public transport and walking to work are some of the more common methods we are told to use for being ‘green’, but what about eco-friendly fireplaces? Let Enviro Flame talk you through them. The Clean Air Strategy In order to combat the growing concerns over air pollution and our impact on the…

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Wood burning stove

Get Cosy This Christmas with Wood-Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves are an attractive option for people looking for a new fireplace in their home, and during the Christmas period, the appeal of a wood-burning stove is increased, thanks to the appeal of a crackling fire on a Christmas evening. In this article, the team at Enviro Flame will talk through the benefits of wood-burning stoves and help you decide if they are right for you. Authenticity For all the benefits of wood burning stoves, one of their strongest advantages is the level of authenticity they have. That might seem like a strange word to use, but it’s true:…

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Festive fireplace

Winter Wonderland: 5 Festive Fireplace Decoration Ideas

Christmas lights are being switched on in towns around the country, tinsel is being bought by the mile and advent calendars are waiting to be opened, and you’re probably thinking of putting up your own decorations. From fairy lights to baubles, we all know the types of decorations available to us, but how do we make our fireplaces look festive? Let Enviro Flame take you through five ideas to decorate your fireplace.   Flickering Flames Subtle yet beautiful, some carefully-placed candles can add a real touch of class to a room, as well as upping the festive feeling. As well as…

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firesplaces London

London Fire FAQs

Here at Enviro-Flame we have put together the top 5 FAQs regarding fires & fireplaces in London 1) Are fireplaces allowed in London? / Are open fireplaces allowed in London? As London is known as a smokeless zone, using wood and coal to fuel a fire is forbidden. That said, open fireplaces are allowed in London – only if you burn smokeless coal. Smokeless coal releases 20% less CO 2  and they make for a more efficient fire. 2) Are you allowed a wood burning stove in London? In some circumstances, there are wood burning stoves and appliances that can be…

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Ascot basket

How to decorate your fireplace in summer

The fireplace is the heart of the home, providing comfort, warmth and is the perfect place to socialise when the day draws to a close but what do we do with our fireplace in the summer? The last thing we want to do is turn it on, so how can we make the most of our fireplace when they’re not in use? This month, Enviro Flame will be exploring various different things you can do with your fireplace throughout those hotter months. How to make the most of your fireplace this summer Cleaning your fireplace Since your fireplace won’t be turned…

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Buying or Selling a House With a Fireplace – What to Check

What to check when you are buying or selling a house with a fireplace Everyone dreams of enjoying a warm hearth in their home, so if you are buying a house with a fireplace, or selling one, we’ve got a few tips for you. We’ll walk you through the most common chimney, flue and stove problems that those in the housing market often fail to check. Here’s how to buy or sell, safe in the knowledge that your fireplace is up to standard. Have a professional inspection before buying or selling a house Having a professional take a look at your…

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The Clean Air Strategy and How it Affects You

The health of our communities hinges on the health of our environment. That means clean air, drinking water and safe streets. But what does it mean to you if the government is cracking down on wood burning stoves? We’ll find out why the Clean Air Strategy is being rolled out in this article, what it means for your wood burning stove and how it will improve air quality in your town or city. What is the Clean Air Strategy? The Clean Air Strategy is a plan implemented by the UK government to tackle to growing air pollution crisis. At present many…

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cleaning out wood burning solid fuel fireplace

Cleaning and maintaining your wood burning stove

As warmer weather rolls around, you will rely on your stove less and so comes the ideal time to give it a good clean. By ensuring your stove is kept clean and well-maintained, you will help it to last longer, perform efficiently and safely, and, quite simply, it will look more attractive. To help you keep your wood burning stove in good condition, we’ve put together this cleaning guide. Why is cleaning your stove important? A stove which is looked after well will last for longer and perform more efficiently during its life, saving you money on operating costs and giving…

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