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What is ECO 2022 and how does it affect me?

Calling all stove owners. Perhaps you’ve heard of brand new rules set to be introduced for the UK in 2022, regarding a new Eco-Design for stoves? In this bid to help the UK reach its emissions targets, new regulations will be introduced in the new year – so here’s everything you need to know. What is ECO 2022? The ECO 2022 rule is a bid to decrease the impact and emissions that heating appliances have on climate change. This rule has been introduced by several bodies, including HETAS and DEFRA.  Current permissible emission levels from stoves are almost double what will…

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14 fireplace safety tips

14 Fireplace Safety Tips

With autumn and winter right around the corner, households across the country will soon be getting cosy by their fireplaces. Whether you have a wood, electric or gas fire, it’s important to enjoy the warmth and ambience of a fireplace while still making sure you don’t neglect safety.  So, to help you keep safe and protected, this article will outline some essential fireplace safety tips that every homeowner should know.  14 Fireplace Safety Tips Here are our top tips which cover general fireplace safety, but also advice that is specific to certain types of fire e.g. electric, gas, wood-burning.  Ensure your…

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gas stove for those without a chimney

Can I Have a Fireplace Without a Chimney?

New modern buildings in Britain don’t always have a chimney. But this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a traditional, or contemporary, fireplace for your property. In this article, we’ll be exploring the question of do you need a chimney for a fireplace, and what options are available to you. So, do I need a chimney to have a fireplace? The short answer is no! As fireplace technology has advanced, there are many makes and models that don’t require a chimney to work – this way, you don’t miss out on the warmth, ambience and style that a fireplace…

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bio ethanol fireplace safety

The impressive health & safety features of Enviro-Flame’s own brand products

As long-standing fireplace experts, here at Enviro-Flame, we’ve recently launched an exquisite collection of bioethanol fires. Our inspiration was to create fireplaces which were stylish, eco-friendly and fashioned to suit a range of environments, including homes and commercial premises.  But the other primary motivation was to give customers peace of mind in the total safety of their new fireplace. That’s why we incorporated the latest safety technologies to benefit our customers – let’s take a look at them.  5 Health & Safety Features of Our Own Brand Products These safety features are something to look out for with any bioethanol fireplace…

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how to get more heat from your fireplace

How to get more heat from your fireplace

Fireplaces are the heart and soul of many homes, providing a beautiful blend of warmth, comfort and style. But if your fireplace isn’t emitting as much heat as you’d like it to, you may be wondering how to get more heat and efficiency from your beloved centrepiece.  So, let’s explore some ways to get the most out of your fireplace.  How to get more heat from a fireplace Consider an insert: A fireplace insert is essentially a way of creating a closed combustion system to prevent heat loss. The insert is placed into a fireplace surround, is usually made from cast…

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The importance of commercial outdoor heaters and fires in bars

The Importance of Commercial Outdoor Heaters and Fires

There’s no doubt about it – coronavirus has impacted the way many businesses and eateries interact with customers. With the focus moving to takeouts and outdoor dining, many pubs, restaurants and bars are now putting the infrastructure in place to serve customers alfresco in a truly seamless way.  Part of this means improving the customer experience in the outdoor areas of their establishments, which could mean expanding their outdoor spaces  and revamping existing ones.  So, in this article, we’ll be exploring the importance of one facet of this – commercial outdoor heaters and fires – and how they can be a true…

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can my fireplace damage my tv? Use a sleeker fireplace

Can my fireplace damage my TV?

A fireplace commands attention in a living room, while another key focal point is the TV. Some homeowners may wish to combine these two features together, but may be wondering, can I put a TV over my fireplace? Will it damage it? The short answer is you can – but you probably shouldn’t. In this article, we’ll explore the potential problems caused by mounting a TV above a fireplace and suggest other, better places to put your television. So, can my fireplace damage my TV? Yes – ultimately, the rising hot air from a fireplace has the potential to cause damage…

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covid safe engineering

COVID-Safe Home Appointments

With winter now in full swing and the mercury at its lowest, we’re sure there are many of you who would like to get a brand new fireplace installed – and we’re here to ensure you that you still can, quickly and safely. While these are uncertain times, if you book a fireplace installation appointment with us, our diligent staff will be do their best to put your mind at ease by always taking the following precautions: Face masks will be worn at all times by your engineer Products will be cleaned down before and after installation We ask our customers…

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What can I do with my fireplace ashes?

What Can I Do With My Fireplace Ashes?

There are many joys that come with owning a wood-burning fire – the sounds, the smells, the sight of flames licking exposed brickwork – but, unfortunately, dealing with the ashes isn’t one of them. Don’t worry though, the Enviro-Flame team are on hand to provide a number of ways in which you can put those unwanted ashes to good use. Add them to your compost Adding wood ash to your compost pile isn’t just a quick and easy way to get rid of it, it can actually benefit the composting process. This is because the ash boosts the potassium levels of…

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How to prevent Carbon Monoxide Leaks

According to NHS England, every year there are over 60 deaths in the UK from carbon monoxide and many more suffering the symptoms of carbon monoxide including headaches, fatigue and generally feeling unwell, which could be totally avoidable if the correct servicing procedures and alarms were used.  How often have you seen a carbon monoxide alarm on a shelf somewhere or worse, still in the box on the sideboard?!  This is all too often the case as people do not know that carbon monoxide alarms will only work correctly, when positioned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.   There should be…

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