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Should I Choose An Electric, Gas Or Solid Fuel Fireplace?

Should I Choose An Electric, Gas Or Solid Fuel Fireplace?

With a range of fireplaces available these days you might be a little confused as to which one will benefit you best. This month we aim to weigh up the pros and cons of each fuel type to help you make a more informed decision when picking out your new fireplace.

Electric Fireplaces

Beginning with the pros of electric fireplaces, the most obvious advantage is that you aren’t using a combustible fuel. This reduces the risk in your home, firstly, because you won’t have harmful emissions like carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, and secondly because the risk of a naked fire spilling out into the room is removed. You won’t have any soot or ash to clean up either. An electric fire is also easier to install than other types and once it is in place they are longer lasting, without a combustible fuel there is less wear and tear. This type of fire suits chimneyless houses best of course, because there are no harmful emissions, and can be placed in any room of your home.


Electric fireplaces do have their cons though; the first being that they don’t match the feel or the beauty of a real fire – it will always look artificial. Though power cuts are rare you also need to consider that if there is a power outage you could be without your fire, and that reliability also ties into your bills. By piling another electric energy appliance onto your heating you will see the bills climb higher.

Gas Fireplaces

In a way, gas fireplaces marry the benefits from both electric and solid fuel fireplaces. With a quick and easy ignition you don’t have to nurse a fire to life and keep it going, plus you still get the unmatchable beauty of real flames to warm your room without any of the mess. With no real wood burning there isn’t a spillage of ash and smoke into your home.


On the downside there is the cost of gas, with energy prices rising it won’t be much cheaper to use gas as an alternative to wood or pellets. You also won’t get the authentic sounds which come with an open fire as it crackles and melts the atmosphere, and where an open fire can potentially heat a whole floor of a building a gas fire will have to use a lot of propane to produce the same results.

Solid Fuel Fireplaces

Clearly the biggest thing solid fuel fireplaces have going for them is that they are the most authentic, natural and cosy way of heating a room. It just wouldn’t be the same to huddle around an electric insert, the sights, sounds and warmth from a solid fuel fire can’t be matched. On top of that, if there is an energy blackout you will always be able to heat part of your home without fear.


With the natural feel of these fires comes the natural downsides, the smoke, soot and ash will all fill your home so if you’re a neat and tidy homeowner then an open fire will be more hassle than it’s worth – there are also safety issues concerned with small children and pets as well as the risk of polluting the air in your home. Additionally you need to factor in your chimney maintenance, many homes won’t have a chimney and are therefore unable to have solid fuel burning fireplaces, but a chimney sweep could push the cost of running a fireplace beyond your budget.

Obviously these are the main points to consider and you might be able to have your pick of the three, to learn more about which kind of fireplace would suit you best then contact us at Enviro-Flame for more information or to speak with one of our friendly advisors.

Highly recommended. Very efficient, great communication, and competitive pricing. We did not even visit the showroom as we knew what we wanted so everything was done by phone and email very easily and professionally. The installation was again conducted perfectly. Couple of things needed finishing (nothing that could stop us using the gas burner) and we were told that it would probably be done jut after Christmas. We got a pleasant surprise as they called us yesterday to come and finish it. Lovely George again did an excellent job of it! Thanks very much guys! Happy Christmas; we know we will in front of our lovely fire!
Olivier Lievre
Olivier Lievre
15:29 19 Dec 18
Highly recommend this company. Enviro-Flame installed the gas log burner in our new loft extension. They kindly fitted in with our builders' schedule, often at short notice. George & Dave were stars in terms of getting the job finished to a high standard. Many thanks. Mrs MacDonald (Clapham)
Alicja MacDonald
Alicja MacDonald
12:44 16 Apr 18
Would highly recommend them as they are very professional and provides excellent service.
Bose Katuri
Bose Katuri
12:11 21 Feb 18
Bryan from The London Chimney Sweeps came round to clean and get the boss' flu ready for winters in front of the fire. He was amazing! He worked swiftly, cleaned up after he had finished and took the time to answer the plethora of questions I had about maintaining, cleaning and general upkeep of the chimney's. As a private PA I deal with a lot of tradespeople and I can honestly say Bryan was one of the nicest I have had dealings with!
13:51 19 Oct 17
We were very happy with the young man who came to service our fire. Most helpful .
Melanie Hart
Melanie Hart
09:22 15 Oct 17

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