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Fireplace Repair Services
Fully accredited & insured
Fireplace Repair Services

Over 20 years’ experience of installing, maintaining and repairing a wide variety of fireplaces

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Fireplace Repairs

When something goes wrong with a fireplace, you need to protect the safety of your home and the quality of the fireplace and installation by choosing a qualified professional to carry out your fireplace repairs.

Here at Enviro-Flame, we have over 20 years’ experience of installing, maintaining and repairing a wide variety of fireplaces including gas, electric, bio-ethanol and solid fuel.

  • Our fireplace repair service often begins with a chimney sweep then a CCTV survey of the fireplace to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with the system
  • Our experts can then establish whether to carry out a simple repair, a parts replacement or to investigate further 
  • We’re fully accredited and insured to conduct gas fireplace repairs, electric fireplace repairs, solid fuel fireplace repairs and bio-ethanol fireplace repairs – making sure you’re not left for too long without your cosy centrepiece

Our team is with you every step of the way, making sure you understand the state of your fireplace, what repairs are needed, and how we will carry them out.

Enquire online or give our friendly team a call on 0203 124 1588

Bio-ethanol, Electric, Stove & Gas Fire Servicing

Even if there’s not something currently wrong with your fireplace, it’s important to arrange regular servicing and maintenance. Just like you would bring your car for an MOT, a gas fireplace needs a professional assessment once per year, and a solid fuel twice or more to make sure it’s still performing at its best. 

Our fireplace servicing checks for any unfolding issues, and we can also recommend any repairs or tips to restore the fireplace to full health. This can then prevent more expensive remedial work further down the line.

Benefits of Fireplace Maintenance

An essential part of owning a fireplace is fireplace maintenance – making sure that it stays in safe, beautiful condition for years to come. The benefits of fireplace maintenance include: 

  • Catching problems early, preventing them from developing into something more serious
  • Keeping your fireplace safe and healthy for your home 
  • Preserving its quality and functionality for the future 

So if you’re searching for fireplace maintenance, fireplace servicing or repairs in London and beyond, look no further than Enviro-Flame. 

Enquire online or give our friendly team a call on 0203 124 1588

Fireplace Repair Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you repair fireplaces that weren't purchased from Enviro-Flame?

Yes, we do repair fireplaces that are not purchased from ourselves, providing it has been purchased from a trusted manufacturer. Usually, this would take place after we have carried out a service to determine the cause of the fault. After diagnosis, we swiftly repair the issue to restore full operational health and safety of your fireplace. If parts are required, we will organise this with the fire manufacturer and arrange to come back and install them for you, taking the guess work out.

What are common signs that my fireplace needs repairing?

A fireplace is the heart and soul of many homes, and some may have been in the family home a long time. It’s always worth keeping an eye out for common signs that perhaps it’s time for fireplace repair or replacement. 

Telltale signs can include cracked mortar joints, rust build-up, a chimney crown that is damaged or not providing full protection, an occurrence of a chimney fire, and anything else that just doesn’t look or feel right. For your peace of mind, it’s always worth getting a professional to give it the all clear. 

What is the process of having a fireplace repaired?

Here at Enviro-Flame, we make fireplace and chimney repairs simple so you can get on with your day. It follows a general three step process

  1. We conduct a CCTV survey of the fireplace and a chimney sweep – this is to spot any issues, and to assess their location and severity. 
  2. Our engineers will then decide whether to repair, replace certain parts or to investigate further. 
  3. Our team are fully insured and accredited to carry out any work that needs doing, once given the go-ahead from yourself. 
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