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Stoves Collection

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Enviro-Flame is a one-stop service provider, covering all your needs as a fireplace owner. In addition to stocking hundreds of products of many styles and brands, we also provide expert installation, repair and ongoing maintenance.

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Stove Fireplaces

Stoves have come a long way since their inception and are quickly becoming a popular choice of fireplace once again.

Solid fuel and gas stoves can provide the perfect traditional touch to any home, and with our range of contemporary stoves, we can ensure that even if you have modern décor, we can find an elegant stove to complement your home. We also have a range of boiler stoves to cater for every requirement.

We also offer stoves that adhere to the new ECO2022 regulations, to ensure you get access to eco-friendly and efficient models that will benefit your home and reduce emissions in line with legislation. If you want to swap your old stove for a brand new ECO2022 model, our team will be happy to help.

Stove Fireplace Installation

Here at Enviro-Flame, our expert team provides full stove fireplace installation services including a CCTV survey and chimney sweep, when required, to help you find the perfect solution.

Thanks to our years of experience and highly trained team, even if you think your home isn’t suitable for a stove, we can tailor a flue system to ensure that you can safely have the stove you want.

Before we install, you can first expect a home visit. During this visit, a professional will attend your property at the agreed time and perform a thorough survey of your current fireplace or stove. We’ll then discuss design and functionality requirements, before helping you select a stove that complements your style and fulfils your heating specifications.

We’ll then arrange another date to install the agreed-on stove. Thanks to the skills of our HETAS and Gas Safe engineers, your stove will be safely and seamlessly fitted into your property in line with legislation, making sure you get a stunning final finish.

Fireplace surveys can be booked using our online form – as National Accredited Installers, you can expect only the very highest levels of service from our team.

Enquire online or give our friendly team a call on 0203 124 1588

The Benefits of a Stove Fireplace

Stoves are versatile pieces that can boast a rustic look for traditional homes, or a sleek, modern appearance for more contemporary properties. They also come in several different heating and style options, which all arrive with their own benefits.

When buying a stove fireplace, you’ll need to consider your choices. Let’s take a look at each and discover the benefits of a stove fireplace:

  • Solid Fuel Stove: With greater efficiency compared to open fireplaces, a solid fuel stove is convenient and easy to use with a wide range of fuel options available to you. As you can hold stock of solid fuel, you also don’t need to worry about failures to gas and electric supply. You can instead be safe in the knowledge that you’ll always have a source of heat, no matter what.
  • Electric Stove: Highly efficient when compared to an open fireplace, electric stoves are a clean option that grant you instant heat with the flick of a switch. With log and flame effect, you can enjoy a realistic appearance in a matter of minutes.
  • Gas Stove: With greater efficiency than an open fireplace, there’s a reason why gas stoves are popular. You can enjoy the ambience of a wood-burning stove while safe in the knowledge that no nasty particles will be released during use, and that cleaning up wood and ash will not be required.
  • Inset Stove: Save on space with easy-fit inset design. These pieces can adapt to a variety of flue systems and can even be incorporated into an existing fireplace. They also require less space, partly thanks to their inset fitting, but also due to the fact that they do not require as much space for air circulation compared to other models.

Our impressive showroom displays a beautiful range of conventional free-standing stove fireplaces as well as functional modern stoves.

To explore our full range, drop by our showroom or give us a call to discuss your needs in more detail. We serve homes and businesses across London and beyond.

Enquire online or give our friendly team a call on 0203 124 1588

Stoves Collection - Frequently Asked Questions

Can any property have a stove?

The majority of properties in the UK can enjoy a stove, whether you have a chimney or not. That’s because companies such as Enviro-Flame may be able to build a flue system in your home to accommodate one. However, as of 2022, all stoves manufactured going forward need to meet Ecodesign guidelines, which were introduced to help lower air pollution. If you currently have a stove and live in a smoke control area, you will need to ensure that you burn specific fuels or purchase a DEFRA-approved stove. Check with our team for more information.

How do I decide what size stove to go for?

The stove size that is best for your space depends on a number of factors, including room dimensions and insulation levels. It’s important to purchase the right one to suit your space to guarantee that you’ll receive adequate heat output and efficiency. We’ve created a calculator to help you find the stove with the best kW output for your specific room – check it out here.

What is the difference between wood-burning and multi-fuel?

As the names suggest, wood-burning stoves are restricted to just burning wooden logs that are fully dry. Multi-fuel stoves, on the other hand, can burn different types of fuel, as well as wood and smokeless options, although you need to check each individual stove to see what sorts of fuels they are able to burn. Whether you’re purchasing a wood-burning or a multi-fuel stove, check whether you are in a smoke control area as you may only be able to use smokeless fuels – you therefore may require a DEFRA-approved stove if you’re intending to burn wood. Chat to us for more information.

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