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Heat Output Calculator
Energy Efficiency
Heat Output Calculator

Choose the right stove for your space with our easy-to-use heat output calculator.

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Heat Output Calculator

Choose the right stove for your space with our easy-to-use heat output calculator.

Tell us simple information about your room and we’ll give you an estimate on the heat output you might need to warm it up to a comfortable temperature. The answer will be relayed in kW and will help you to choose the right stove for your space.

The benefits of using our kW calculator include:

  • Gives you a great starting point to start browsing stove options
  • Helps make sure you don’t buy a stove that’s under or overly powerful for your space, saving you money in the long run
  • Ensures you make an informed choice that guarantees your space is heated effectively and efficiently

So how do you use it? All you need to do is input the width, length and height of the room you need to heat, using the dropdown button next to each box to change the units.

Then, in the final box, give us an idea how well insulated your home is by choosing between poor, average or good.

Finally, you can hit the calculate button to see an estimate of how much power in kW your chosen stove will need to produce for your individual space.

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