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Chimney Cowls & Caps
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Chimney Cowls & Caps

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Chimney Cowls & Caps

Chimney cowls, chimney caps and chimney pot bird guards are a vital part of any flue system, both for preventing smoke entry into the home and bird nesting in the chimney. Here at EnviroFlame, we can swiftly supply and install the most appropriate model at your property.

Cowls and caps are metal or clay hoods or coverings that are affixed to the top of a chimney pot, preventing wind from blowing back down into the chimney. This ensures the correct airflow for the expulsion of smoke out of the house, stopping draughts of wind from causing the smoke to re-enter the home.

Some models of cowl can also prevent bird entry into the chimney, though birdguards for chimneys can be sold as completely different pieces of equipment, their sole purpose being to prevent birds and small mammals from entering the home via the chimney.

Chimney Cap Installation

Here at EnviroFlame, we install a wide variety of chimney cowls, including UFOs, Brewer cowls, spinning cowls, anti-downdraft terminals and many more.

Our chimney cap installation is carried out by our specialist team who install this equipment using ladders, roof access or cherry pickers. As always, we install in adherence with industry standards of safety and professionalism, so you can trust in high-quality products and services every time.

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Bird Guard for Chimneys

Any blockage or disturbance to a chimney can be a danger to its operation and performance, so preventing these problems before they have a chance to crop up is always wise.

Birds can play havoc with our chimneys if we don’t put in proper measures to stop their entry. Birdguard terminals prevent birds and other small animals, such as squirrels, from becoming trapped down the chimney which is good news for them, and for you.

Here at EnviroFlame, we’re the go-to fireplace and chimney experts for London. Our HETAS-accredited engineers know all there is to know about fireplace and chimney systems, helping you look after your home with the installation of chimney terminals, cowls, caps and bird guards, amongst our multiple other services.

For some expert advice, simply get in touch with our team.

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Chimney Cowls & Caps - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent downdraught into my chimney?

To prevent downdraught (e.g. air that blows back down into the chimney) you should install an anti-draught cowl to the top of the chimney pot to prevent wind entry and therefore smoke from entering the home.

How can I prevent birds from entering my chimney?

Both birdguards and some types of chimney cowl can prevent bird entry into your chimney by placing a barrier between the flue and the outside. You need to consult with a professional, such as EnviroFlame, to find the most suitable one for you.

Which chimney cowl do I need?

When choosing a chimney cowl or cap for your home, there are several models to choose from. Always consult with a professional company who can guide you through the options available to ensure that you receive a model suited to your needs.

What is a spinning chimney cowl?

A spinning chimney cowl will spin in the wind to enhance the updraught within the chimney, urging the smoke and air to work its way up the chimney and out.

Do you need a chimney cowl with a stove?

Yes, if you have a stove that is attached to a flue system that expels smoke, then you can benefit from a chimney cowl, just in the same way as with a fireplace.

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