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Stove Fireplace Guide

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Stove Fireplace Guide

Elegant, efficient, eco-friendly - some of the many reasons why stove fireplaces are enjoying as much popularity as open fireplaces.

Stove fireplaces have a timeless, rustic appearance which makes them a beautiful centrepiece for any room. They’re also a self-contained unit, resulting in a more controlled, more efficient and safer burning environment.

Benefits of stove fireplaces include:

  • Self-contained and safer, making them ideal for homes with pets and children
  • Higher heat efficiency, due to their enclosed design
  • A stunning centrepiece that has an old-time charm or a modern impact, depending on the design you choose
  • Eco-friendly, thanks to fewer gases leaving your home and their superb fuel economy and heat efficiency

If you’re unsure of what stove to buy, or whether it’s the right choice for you, check out Enviro-Flame’s stove buying guide to get inspired.

Stove Fireplace

ECO2022 Environmentally Friendly Stoves

If you’re seeking the warmth, heat and ambience of a stove, but you still want to reduce your impact on the environment, we have a wide range of eco-friendly stoves to suit any home style.

What is the ECO2022 rule?

In a commitment to decrease emissions and the negative impact of stoves on the environment, a new rule to combat this will be introduced in 2022.

These regulations, entitled ECO2022, will mean that permissible emissions levels for newly-manufactured and bought stoves will be almost halved. Brand new stoves will have to adhere to these introduced standards of Eco Design - and the experts at Enviro-Flame will be stocking a wide range of eco-friendly wood burners and stoves for you to choose from.

Our experts will be happy to guide you through available Eco Design stoves so you get the features and benefits you’re searching for.

Save £250 on a new ECO2022 stove

We’re currently running an offer for our customers which allows you to trade in your old stove and receive £250 off a new ECO2022-compliant one - making it easy and cost-effective for you to access the most environmentally-friendly wood-burning stoves and other models.

Eco2022 Stove

DEFRA-approved Stoves

A DEFRA-approved stove simply means a smoke exempt stove, which has been approved to burn certain fuel types in a smoke control area when normally this would be forbidden.

Here at Enviro-Flame, our HETAS-qualified engineers supply and install a diverse range of DEFRA-approved log burners and DEFRA-approved wood-burning stoves. This includes classic wood-burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves from multiple leading brands, available in a variety of traditional and contemporary aesthetics. This gives you the full flexibility to use your fuel of preference with ease, while still complying with DEFRA.

We also supply a stunning range of Eco-Stoves which comply with the new regulations, namely ECO2022.

Modern Stoves

Modern stoves have that sought-after contemporary finish while still bringing the charm and warmth you’re seeking. With a range of colours and finishes on offer, it’s easy to customise contemporary wood-burning stoves and electric stoves to your personal preferences.

Our modern range does not produce smoke or ash residue, making it suitable for homes in smoke controlled zones. As a perfect balance between efficiency, eco-friendliness and a modern style, this option is a futureproof choice for your property.

Ranges available at Enviro-Flame

  • Hole in the wall: As one of the most popular modern stove fireplaces, hole in the wall is a striking style that suits a contemporary setting to a tee.
  • Freestanding: If you prefer an elegant, freestanding appearance, we also offer modern wood-burning stoves or modern electric log burners that have that authentic appearance you’re searching for.
  • Set into chimney breast: Our fully-qualified engineers can also fit the stove neatly into a chimney breast.

Electric Stoves

Electric stoves allow you to precisely control heat output at the touch of a button - all you need is an electricity supply. Their realistic flame appearance also means that you enjoy the full rustic stove experience without the cleanup or maintenance.

The models and ranges we supply provide many benefits, including:

Clean and convenient: With no soot or particles to contend with, electric stove fireplaces are a desirable option for those who favour cleanliness and modernity over tradition.
Cost-effective: With fuel prices rising in recent years, owning an electric model is a superb way of benefitting from the full beauty of a wood-burner style stove, but without feeling the impact of rising fuel costs.
Free-Standing: The beauty of electric stoves is that they are free-standing and don’t rely on a flue system to operate. This rewards you with full flexibility to position them anywhere you wish.

Electric Stove



Clean, stylish appearance


Heat & Flame control


No chimney needed

Gas Stoves


If you would like to benefit from authentic fireplace ambience while sidestepping the messy cleanup that often comes from fuel burners, then gas stoves are the perfect choice for you.

Sealed with a beautiful glass front, they dispel waste air safely via the flue system. If you don't have a fuel system, don't worry - there are also plenty of flueless gas stoves available.

The models and ranges we supply provide many benefits, including:

Cost-effective: The prices of solid fuels are set to increase in coming years, so a gas stove fireplace is a cost-effective option for the future, requiring only a gas supply.

Clean and low-maintenance: Gas stove fires have a clean fuel source, so expect minimal mess, maintenance or cleanup after each usage - leaving you more time to sit back and relax.

Authentic appearance: Thanks to a huge range of available styles, gas log burners and stoves can enjoy the crackling 'wood-burning' appearance of a more traditional model, while still not demanding a solid fuel source.



Available in a range of designs


Easy cleaning


Highly efficient

Solid Fuel Stoves

Solid fuel stoves are a versatile alternative to traditional wood burners that allow you to burn all types of solid fuel, including wood, coal and smokeless fuels - because of this flexibility, they’re also known as multi-fuel stoves or multi-fuel burners.

The models and ranges we supply provide many benefits, including:

Child-friendly: When compared to open fires, stoves are a more contained and controlled environment to enjoy a warm, cosy flame. That makes them ideal for homes with children or pets.

Flexibility to burn many fuel types: Solid fuel log burners and stoves give you full versatility to burn a wide variety of fuel types, including wood, anthracite coal and peat briquettes, thanks to their unique design. This means you can heat your home in the way you want - just remember to only burn one fuel type at a time.

Authentic cracking flame: Solid fuel stoves don’t mimic a flame - they are the real deal, which is ideal if you favour the homey, authentic look.




Multi Fuel available in a range of designs


Natural flame look


Renewable heat source

Inset Solid Fuel Stoves

Sleek and stylish, if you’re seeking a more up-to-date look for your property, we have a wide range of solid fuel fire inserts to suit any interior.

Solid fuel inset stoves are a fresh, modern alternative to a freestanding stove that slots neatly into an opening to leave only the front exposed - ideal for space-saving homeowners who take a more contemporary approach to warming up their home.

The models and ranges we supply provide many benefits, including:

Cost-effective: When compared to open fires, inset stoves reward the user with high heat output efficiencies that are kinder to your wallet.

Space-saving: Not got room to spare? Insets can slot nicely into almost any fireplace opening and take up much less space than other models, so small house owners don’t have to miss out.

Clean and low maintenance: They are also straightforward to keep clean and maintain.

Why choose Enviro-Flame?

For one of the biggest selections of high-quality stoves in London and beyond, Enviro-Flame is the region’s go-to supplier and installer.

We have over 20 years’ experience as experts in fireplace and stove installation. Our engineers offer bespoke flue designs and products to take your home or business to the next level - and our products are also covered by a 5-year warranty so you can be assured of their quality.

We are also running a deal at the moment where you can trade in selected stoves for £250 off an ECO2022 one.

Arrange your free online consultation today.

Highly recommended. Very efficient, great communication, and competitive pricing. We did not even visit the showroom as we knew what we wanted so everything was done by phone and email very easily and professionally. The installation was again conducted perfectly. Couple of things needed finishing (nothing that could stop us using the gas burner) and we were told that it would probably be done jut after Christmas. We got a pleasant surprise as they called us yesterday to come and finish it. Lovely George again did an excellent job of it! Thanks very much guys! Happy Christmas; we know we will in front of our lovely fire!
Olivier Lievre
Olivier Lievre
15:29 19 Dec 18
Highly recommend this company. Enviro-Flame installed the gas log burner in our new loft extension. They kindly fitted in with our builders' schedule, often at short notice. George & Dave were stars in terms of getting the job finished to a high standard. Many thanks. Mrs MacDonald (Clapham)
Alicja MacDonald
Alicja MacDonald
12:44 16 Apr 18
Would highly recommend them as they are very professional and provides excellent service.
Bose Katuri
Bose Katuri
12:11 21 Feb 18
Bryan from The London Chimney Sweeps came round to clean and get the boss' flu ready for winters in front of the fire. He was amazing! He worked swiftly, cleaned up after he had finished and took the time to answer the plethora of questions I had about maintaining, cleaning and general upkeep of the chimney's. As a private PA I deal with a lot of tradespeople and I can honestly say Bryan was one of the nicest I have had dealings with!
13:51 19 Oct 17
We were very happy with the young man who came to service our fire. Most helpful .
Melanie Hart
Melanie Hart
09:22 15 Oct 17

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